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Fun 'N' Learn Program Details

  •  Fun 'N' Learn is a hand crafted worksheet based program designed especially for Nursery to Grade 3 to reinforce learning skills in Fun way. Delivered Right at your Door step as per the plan chosen by the subscriber.
  •  This is an annual program consisting of 30- 35 printed worksheet per month (375 -400 worksheets annually) delivered monthly to the subscribers door step for 12 months / 3 months, depending on subscription plan chosen.
  •  Fun 'N' Learn kit Includes Reward Chart with a Pack of Stickers to keep the child motivated and their confidence high.
  •  There is a colored Game / Crafting toy or activity in the kit each month.
  •  Hundreds of Creative worksheets in Math, English & EVS for your little one throughout the year to bring a smile on the child's face.
  •  Simple, creative and illustrated worksheets to stimulate the logical, lingual, visual and spatial thinking of the child thus making the learning process fun and enjoyable.
  •  The program follows global academic curriculum enhancing their intellect & creativity.
  •  The child also gets to personalize their worksheets by coloring the cartoons and turning their lessons into artworks.
  •  Fun 'N' Learn helps the child to acquire skills of self-discovery and applied thinking. Not to mention Handwriting improvement and Finer motor skills.
  •  Just takes 10 mins each day.
  •  Irrespective of the month the child enrolls for the program he/she automatically gets upgraded to the next grade in the month of June.

So why wait, Let the fun learning begin...