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Puzzled about how to feed the inquisitiveness of a growing child? The worksheets for class 2 from Fun n Learn will help you. The content is designed based on global curriculum and provides the required fundamental skills applied in every board for your child. These worksheets for grade 2 are illustrative and simple, taking just 10 minutes of time to be completed. These holistic preschool worksheets kits are delivered at your doorstep every month. Regular practice of worksheets for class 2 will enhance your child’s logical, spatial, visual and lingual skills.

Grade 2 Topics Covered

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Adjectives
  • Use the correct Articles
  • Use of correct Prepositions
  • Rewrite the sentence with correct use of punctuation marks
  • Compound words
  • Homophones
  • Synonyms
  • Word problems
  • Multiplication
  • Shapes Cylinders and Spheres
  • Weight
  • Practice horizontal and vertical addition of three-digit numbers
  • Many more....
  • Subtraction with Borrowing
  • Create patterns
  • Interpret the given visual data and answer the questions
  • Identify odd and even numbers
  • Time
  • Measurements
  • Learn to use a calendar
  • Air Pollution
  • Water
  • Healthy Food
  • Mammals
  • Herbivores and Carnivores
  • Reptiles
  • Solar system

Worksheets for Class 2

Download Grade 2 Worksheet Sample