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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: The Fun’N’Learn program starts from Nursery to Grade 3.
Ans: NO Fun’N’Learn. for Kids is a worksheet based Fun REINFORCEMENT program that reinforces Basic learning concepts taught at school in a creative manner.
Ans: Fun’N’Learn for kids is structured to cover NCERT (India); Singapore & NCTM(US) curriculum. Children studying in ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, IB or any State Board can enroll in Fun’N’Learn to ensure they have a strong foundation in School
Ans: Which ever month the child enrolls; a current month kit (December in this case) will be sent. Your child can start Fun’N’Learn anytime of the year, based on his class he will be sent the relevant kit.
Ans: YES. The Parent can subscribe to the program any time of the year, as it is a seamless delivery model of 12 continuous months, regardless of the start month & Grade level subscription. It automatically promotes the child to a new level in a new academic year
Ans: The parent can enroll & renew any month of the year, and will receive 12 months kit, and will automatically get promoted to a new level in month June of the Year with a change in academic year. In case of subscription cycle being completed, the program can be renewed with immediate same month delivery of kit from the month subscription lapses.
Ans: YES. The developing concepts have been scientifically mapped based on the age of the child and curriculum guidelines defined by NCERT. The program is created for children from Nursery-2nd Grade
Ans: You may enroll your child at any time, Log on to www.funnlearn.co.in Click on Enroll Now and leave an enquiry or You can also call on +91 7710063040
Ans: The payment can be made Cash on Delivery or Cheque favouring "Taj Enterprises”
Ans: Fun’N’Learn program follows a June–May cycle of delivery for a level, and then upgrades the child automatically to the next level.
Ans: Experienced professors, innovative educationalist and creative illustrators have combined their talents to design A Worksheet Based; After School; Self Learning; Reinforcement Program for children that guarantees to build a STRONG FOUNDATION in School
Ans: Fun’N’Learn is a graded level program unlike the activity books which pertains to age criteria ie 3yrs-6yrs, 7yrs-9yrs which simply means a 3yr old will not be able to attempt an activity meant for a 5 yr old in the book. As a result activity book remains in complete . Instead, Fun’N’Learn worksheets are designed to be used at home on a “learn by doing” principle. It encourages Child to apply concepts which one has learnt in school .The goal of the program is to develop student's confidence so that they will first try to solve a problem on their own before asking for help.
Ans: NO. The program is Self learning reinforcement program. You can allow child to complete at his/her own pace. It sharpens the fundamental concepts of child on daily basis.
Ans: The monthly kits will be delivered by the first week every month in the form of printed worksheets by a professional courier. The company has identified various couriers with their specific geographical expertise, and allocates your delivery on the basis of your address.
Ans: NO. We strongly believe that the child should not be burdened with unrealistic burden of completing multiple worksheets. The child should be ideally be given just one worksheet a day.